Alarm moderator Jenny: 13 Dec pm " It is not appropriate that a proud and independent nation looks not to its own people but en route for another country to find inspiration.

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Build up Australia Fair doesn't have those occasions all to itself yet either. Acquire our very own Australian flag, our very own Australian head of affirm, our very own Australian currency, our very own Australian language? Dr Jones a man with a swank PhD and this is the limit of your progressive intelligence. Opposite of battle. Of course it should be done and almost has. Eventually, American English will be English, except in England, where a special protective body bidding be instituted, as they have all the rage France, at which point nobody bidding understand a word they say. Ask offer price The price at which the market is prepared to advertise a product.

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The obverse of Australian coins has an image of the Queen of Australia. UK producers price index output Measures the rate of inflation experienced as a result of manufacturers when selling goods and services. Underlying The actual traded market as of where the price of a artefact is derived. EX-dividend A share bought in which the buyer forgoes the right to receive the next bonus and instead it is given en route for the seller.

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A proud republic. Trying times ahead my brothers, trying times ahead. Bundesbank Germany's central bank. By setting stop beating orders against open positions you be able to limit your potential downside should the market move against you. The argue with in Australia becoming a reublic is convincing our fellow Australians most of who have British heritage that the change will NOT cause the atmosphere to fall in or sever Australia's ties to its historical origins. Adult deal.

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Be concerned about this, one of our parent dominions is teetering on opting out of the Empire. Keep pretending if it makes you feel good, but constant if the Monarch of Britain approved to the 'heads' on her coins being changed, it would be absolutely cosmetic. Trading range The range amid the highest and lowest price of a stock usually expressed with allusion to a period of time. I would not.

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Basing A chart pattern used in expert analysis that shows when demand after that supply of a product are about equal. Risk Exposure to uncertain adjust, most often used with a damaging connotation of adverse change. They can have been appropriate at one age, but are no longer necessary nor appropriate for the modern day all-embracing Australia we live in today. Be obliged to be something in the water. The BIS frequently acts as the advertise intermediary between national central banks after that the market. Initial margin requirement The initial deposit of collateral required en route for enter into a position. Alert agent Coogara: 13 Dec pm Mango: as we are a de facto democracy with the de facto president body the GG it would make constant more sense to have the countenance of the current GG on the coins.

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Alike thing for the royal family along with the names of hospitals, streets, area names even new developments such at the same time as Elizabeth Quay in Perth , armed medals e. Gaps usually follow cost-effective data or news announcements. Going elongate The purchase of a stock, article of trade or currency for investment or assumption — with the expectation of the price increasing. New Zealand Dollar. Flash size A minimum change in assess, up or down.

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