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Administer the coup de grace any heist and kill at slight enemies using the Reconnaissance Sight arrange Vh or above. Share this story! The Master Plan Update 1, Prison Nightmare - Get at slight 15 keycards on Mayhem or beyond and do not go in en route for custody. The other issue is so as to the metagame aspects can be arduous to understand at first. The Bolt Pack 80 3. They should be focusing on things like jewellery accumulate robberies and hitting up malls designed for protection money but could end ahead diving headfirst into a more complex heist.

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It has mostly everything up until the addition of the biker heist after that character packs, with a few smaller additions from after that update. A sneaky player might take out the guards while another keeps all the civilians in check. All the Hot.

The Good. Payday 2 features a assort cast of characters you can decide from that includes heisters from about all over the world and constant some fun crossover characters like John Wick! Click here for instructions arrange how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Switch sales at Squidgies Capture Switch eShop Review. In order en route for post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and fill the page. Birth of Sky - Have the entire crew jump absent of the airplane within on Excess or above.

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Destroy 6 law enforcers within 6 seconds of killing the first while hipfiring with the Peacemaker. Stealing Xmas - Finish the heist with at slight 10 civilians zip-tied near the Christmas tree. Payday 2 Reviews Switch. Announce More. Get 3 headshot kills along with 1 shot while using the Donald's Horizontal Leveller barrel ext. You could be breaking into a bank bound, stealing a rare artifact from a museum or infiltrating an FBI safehouse to take out someone who ratted you out.

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Payday 2 Switch Review. Even just having another player with you is a treat because it takes a burden off of your shoulders. Kill 10 enemies in a row using a few light machine gun without releasing the trigger. The Wolf Pack 80 3. Kill 10 enemies within 10 seconds using the Piglet Grenade Launcher devoid of using Incendiary rounds. AND join. Beginning of Sky - Have the complete crew jump out of the airplane within on Overkill or above. Handheld performance is all over the area.

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A good number heists have parts that change all time you play it — these could be the layout of a few rooms or the routes that guards patrol. Login Register. John Wick Heists 6. Loud heists are more accepted and will see you fighting bad waves of law enforcement while completing objectives. The Butcher's Western Pack 80 3. Another thing that keeps heists fresh is the randomisation of a few elements. Finish any heist in covertness using only weapons from the Gage Russian Weapon Pack.


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