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Richard Moe, Study-Suite. Under our agreement, you will own the source code after that intellectual property of your proprietary software. Chetu's Player Tracking Experience 15 years of experience developing player tracking software Player tracking software integrated to a variety of games and technologies Carry out of casino player tracking systems athwart multiple websites and casinos for an integrated customer experience Integrating back administrative centre systems with cage management and agenda and machine accounting systems We adapt and migrate legacy systems to seamlessly integrate with newer technologies. Player tracking has state of the art configurations, and happens to be one of the most powerful of all the CMS tools. The Neon Data Depot consolidates and enables you to visualise data using a variety of tools. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. It is a system that is targeted by customer affairs, especially in the betting zone, and at maintaining the customers, while casinos expand their businesses. It gives you a free choice of HW and SW to use all the rage your casinos and offers you by the same time a consistent abuser experience across all OS options. Accurate Adherence to International Gaming Regulations after that Standards Chetu's player tracking software advance, integration and implementation experts are abundant compliant with regulatory standards inherent en route for the gaming and casino industry.

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Although NEXIO cross platform nature, all the data between server and clients runs behind additionally secured independent and encrypted protocol based on latest industry standards. Automated player ratings for table games is here. Employing player tracking software has become a defining business custom across all gaming institutions to make more efficient plus enhance loyalty and marketing efforts. Knowing customer behavior is important en route for them, so they keep increasing the efforts in learning how players activate in and around the gaming district, thereby knowing more about player behavior. Player tracking was initiated from the quest to reward customers according en route for their investments in the casino after that other areas of the casinos premises, like in the restaurants and health farm. Alert: Please enter your DoB. It gives you the possibility to administer and present the most complex analytic data in a comprehensive visual arrange allowing you to response faster after that to decide smarter.

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The most attractive aspect of working along with Chetu is the price and professionalism of the project team: I am provided with progress reports, weekly conferences, and the team very promptly responds to any questions or concerns I raise. Under our agreement, you bidding own the source code and academic property of your proprietary software. The system automatically moves them and their rating to the new location. The Neon Data Warehouse consolidates and enables you to visualise data using a variety of tools. If they action from one seat to another the player just places their players certificate at the new seat. NEXIO has implemented an advanced analyzer of action patterns, which allows you to chase players tendencies, get an insight addicted to his habits, current status and by the same time gives you the ability to predict some of the future behaviour of individual players.

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Neon CRM provides a powerful and accommodating campaign management tool which is seamlessly integrated with the casino management approach, the loyalty and bonusing solution after that the analytics platform. High stakes gamblers can be distinguished from the change pinchers, and rewards can be assigned appropriately. Neon Loyalty enables you en route for track and reward your players athwart your entire operation, including all forms of gaming and hospitality and alternative services. Stay tuned with your disco all the time, Everywhere. Create your own selection of alerts and alarms to receive on your mobile apparatus and monitor mission critical events all the rage your casino to prevent unpleasent scenarios.

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