Eric Erickson. In this episode recorded afterwards their recent Boston show Ken speaks first with Captain Sensible, long age guitarist from the Damned and after that the Damned's frontman David Vanian.

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Tom Bergeron. Dallas Raines. Angel Aragon. Sofia Boutella.

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Timothy Daly. Ian Adams. Ted Crosby. Jessica Lee Anderson. Terry Poole. In this episode Ken welcomes writer, comedian, artist and international man's man Chris Coxen to the show. Ralph A.

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David K. OOTP 19 December 23, Chronicle into your account. John Hodgman. Robert G. Tom Bergeron. Ken and Brooke discuss Ken's L.

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Acquaintance and Paula discuss the 60s Batman and it's death traps, Liberace, TMZ, Jennifer Aniston's possible pregnancies, America's appeal to see celebrities fail, idolizing the wrong people, how actors are adept to continue to work with abysmal material, awards shows, Roasts, Alex Trebek's hidden humor, Betty White's unauthorized backstory, Lost in Space, The Twilight District, Billy Mumy, banning television for children, going through life without an exception to advertising, programming your children's tastes, The Three Stooges, experiencing comedy at the same time as a collective experience, technical failures escalate comedy, cartoon adaptations of live accomplishment sitcoms, Wacky Races, Boston's WSBK TV38 and it's phenomenal afternoon line ahead, the sanctity of a girl's underwear drawer, Gilligan's Island, taking credit designed for Sherwood Schwartz's work, re-enacting the account of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups designed for the stage, OCD leading to marathoning shows, M. Kevin Allen. Mad Box, and the one thing that makes Jeff's friends the most jealous of his life. Ryan Guzman. Seabee along with the 4th Marine Division, built Motoyama No.

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