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Altogether in all, it freaked me absent, it was a disgusting experience. These moral crusader 'principle of the thing' types irritate the hell out of me. Leave a Reply Cancel answer Your email address will not be published. That's wrong. As I assured above, the vast majority of such things is conveyed not by words but by voice tone, body dialect, facial expression and so on. A few other items to note. This is was happened to us and as the picture above with zero baggage checked kind of confirms it.

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FiddlerClamp on Sept 11, I acutely wondered if he would have saved the half hour by answering the first question with "I have the right not to answer that ask as I am a citizen re-entering my own country" instead of "None of your business" The former would still be asserting his right, although in a more polite way. Around was no physical search, just metal and then full body scanner, all the same i was asked to turn about raise hands once after the earlier two. I don't find it arduous to believe that they were all the same, or at least mandated by a group set up by Congress designed for that purpose. When we got en route for the gate, a furious attendant asked where we had been. Mz arrange Sept 11, His position that "politeness would make no difference", combined along with other remarks he has made, suggests to me he simply doesn't appreciate how to be genuinely polite after that respectful of others. Bully for him. Holding someone up from reentering his own country because he didn't acquaint with you all about his trip en route for China is rather thuggish behavior all the rage my opinion. The first thing I say is "I'm sorry officer.

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I always travel alone and I compensate cash for my plane tickets. En route for make a long story short I had brought a few gifts designed for friends who were meeting me around and the customs agent claimed I was bringing items into the countryside to sell. We can discuss it with my attorney present if you disagree. Irregular travel habits can acquire you on the list which is not defined, but think of booking several flights scheduled to leave contained by 24 hours to multiple destinations after that not showing up, booking international flights 2 hours before departure or constant maxing out visitor visa calendar being regularly. That means that trying en route for be polite and actually being civil aren't the same thing. Their boss may set policy, but in the end the person implementing that certificate that must accept shared responsibility designed for that policy. At the very slight, you'll waste some of the ACLU's time and money. Took them minutes in HNL. You're missing what I think is one of the basic points he's trying to make - answering any of those questions at once puts him at risk of lying to a federal officer, which is a criminal act.

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It's interesting how when people buck the status-quo, even just a little bit, they get tagged with the "douchebag" title. Principled or not, how is respectful, quiet dissent not completely apposite. I made it through security a minute ago fine, but got pulled aside after that patted down and swabbed, bags opened, etc. A week ago one was randomly flagged in the PreCheck ancestry for additional screening. And the ancestor who mandated them will most apt never even hear of this chap or the handful of nutjobs akin to him. Confusion on Sept 12, The banality of evil is probably the most important lesson in human character of the twentieth century, and it makes many kinds of "decent ancestor just trying to do the activity they are paid and trained en route for do" look a lot closer en route for thugs -- or at best their enablers.


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