This will be the 25th anniversary of this great race and it is sure to be a very distinctive occasion with lots of interesting things going on to celebrate this dazzle achievement.

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Afterwards the record breaking entry of 5, pigeons that were entered into the 9th SCMDPR in , which was made up of 3, International pigeons and 1, South African entries after that were entered from 30 different countries. It has been another tough battle so far with many obstacles en route for overcome for the Race Organisers, additionally doing some alterations to the brand name new foot state of the ability pigeon loft, plus outbreaks of Avian Influenza, Rota Virus, Circo Virus after that other viruses and diseases in a lot of different countries but finally all the pigeons came out of quarantine after that training around the race loft got underway a few weeks later than expected but it should be mentioned now that the initial training after that race programme was also delayed a little because of bad weather, heavy rain and tremendous thunderstorms and the ahead of schedule Training Races and Hot Spot Races have now all been altered a little to give the pigeons in the race loft a fair chance en route for catch up. Pretoria , ZA. Benoni, ZA.

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Additionally some of the race distances can alter slightly depending on the before race or how the pigeons are coping with the earlier tosses after that races. This could of course adjust on the Final Race. It is always interesting to study the access figures after the last race, those countries that do well usually add to in their entries and others so as to have not done so well as a rule reduce in numbers but as accustomed there are others countries that carry on to increase whatever happens. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to accomplish a fabulous new car. By behind these entries and those from erstwhile countries with restrictions has certainly blocked the organisers from smashing records arrange an annual basis.

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The entry for the SCMDPR once all over again exceeded the 5, mark for the third time and a grand absolute of 5, pigeons were officially entered by 30 participating countries and so as to number is made up of 4, International pigeons and pigeons from South Africa who are of course the host country. So it has all the time been the policy of this battle to create more and more altered competitions that offer extra cash rewards or specials prizes and once all over again this year is no exception. But you wish to look at a few superb short videos or photographs of new pigeon loft and surroundings after that the pigeons in the lofts before flying around the lofts, then choose log on to the SAMDPR committed website www. The race entry designed for The 20th SAMDPR had 36 altered countries participating and over 5, pigeons were sent out to compete all the rage this great pigeon race.

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WindhoekNambia. A total of 2, pigeons were officially clocked by This total was made up of 2, International pigeons, which included pigeons from the Amalgamate Kingdom and 62 pigeons from Ireland, plus pigeons from the host countryside South Africa. Also some of the race distances may alter slightly depending on the previous race or how the pigeons are coping with the earlier tosses and races.

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Denial other country has ever won three cars on the trot. I logged on bright and early to attend to the pigeons return to the battle loft and it was a attractive morning in South Africa and altogether of all of a sudden a big gang of pigeons approached the loft at Once again the global entry totalled over 6, pigeons. Altogether Rights Reserved. A fantastic start designed for the United Kingdom Team with a total of pigeons being officially clocked by However, this date is allay awaiting final confirmation. If you aspiration to look at some superb abrupt videos or photographs of new dupe loft and surroundings and the pigeons in the lofts or flying about the lofts, then please log arrange to the SAMDPR dedicated website www. The first Official Loft Listing was published on the SAMDPR Website arrange Friday 23rd August and once all over again it has been a remarkable day for this truly prestigious international dupe race and this list showed we had 3, pigeons entered from 36 different countries. Du Plessis is a year-old former student from Stellenbosch, South Africa.


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